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Burgos was one of the most important cities in medieval Spain and the heart of the kingdom of Castile. The castle, probably founded during the time of Alfonso III in the late 9th century has been adapted and rebuilt at regular intervals until the late 15th century. From the foundation of the castle and town, Burgos gradually developed in importance becoming the headquarters of the Castilian monarchs. The royal monastery of Huelgas, built by Alfonso VIII in 1187 to house the tombs of the royal family, lies just outside the city. It was during this reign (1155-1214) that the castle of Burgos was transformed into the concentric fortress we can see exposed.

Burgos castle, strongly constructed using limestone blocks, semi-circular curtain wall towers, with an outer wall overlooked by an inner curtain, made a formidable and imposing structure. There was no tower of homage at Burgos with the main building of importance being a royal palace of which no trace remains, although there are several paintings and engravings of the ruins before they were swept away. What we see today however is the result of large-scale demolition of the castle during the peninsular wars of the 1800s. At this time Burgos castle was a strong defence containing much post-medieval fortification and held by the Napoleonic forces whilst besieged by the British army of Lord Wellington in late 1812. When the French departed Burgos in 1813 they thoroughly demolished the castle.

After recent clearance of the site, archaeological excavations and re-presentation of the surviving walls and foundations, Burgos castle makes a fascinating visit. One of the most intriguing aspects of the castle lies underground. These are the medieval well and siege tunnels dug in an attempt to contaminate the water supply to the castle and thus encourage its surrender. The construction of the well and tunnels is the subject of a more detailed article found here.

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