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Cardona castle lies in central Cataluna mid way between Barcelona and Andorra. The castle site has a long history dating from Roman times at least and located here partly due to the extensive salt deposits that still are to be found nearby, and brought much wealth to the area.
The present castle has remains dating from the 11th century (the circular Keep or Minyona tower) to the 17th - 19th century artillery bastions. The castle was also the location of a Muslim fortress in the 8th century. It now also houses a Parador hotel.

There are many interesting and well preserved remains from all periods to be seen at Cardona and the whole castle complex is dominated by a Romanesque church of 11th century foundation when the castle became the home of a community of Augustinian canons. The mediaeval castle was of modest proportions and not particularly strongly fortified. The impressive and large extent of the castle as it appears today is mostly due to its enlargement and strong fortification in the 17th century.

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