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Jumilla Castle

A fascinating ruined castle in Murcia province, Jumilla has a long history, being founded on a Roman fortification. The most striking remains on the site today, the curving Torre del Homenaje, was built by the Marquis of Villena in the 15th century as a Ducal palace and the design is not dissimilar to his castle at Villena.

Jumilla castle has a much earlier foundation and was built by the Muslims, probably in the11th century, and was the centre of an Islamic Alcazaba or walled town until taken during the Christian reconquest in1241.

Many remains of the Muslim occupation can be seen including large stretches of original tapial walls and huge water cisterns or ‘Aljibe’ below the main castle walls. The curtain walls extend from the castle down the hill to enclose the town below whose streets today still align with the castle and most probably follow the medieval layout.

After the reconquest the castle changed hands several times and underwent various rebuilding stages. Within the remains today are remnants of all periods including possible reused Roman masonry.

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