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The castle of Loarre is amongst the most impressive and interesting in Spain. Situated in the northern former kingdom of Aragon in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Loarre was built in the 11th century by King Sancho III of Navarre and is first mentioned in 1033. Built in a prominent and dominating location it was intended to repel the advance of the Moors and for the defence of the kingdom. One of the remarkable features of Loarre is the completeness of the original Romanesque architecture of the complex. In the later 11th century the castle was entrusted to a community of Augustinian friars who built the magnificent Romanesque church within the walls of the castle making this one of the earliest locations for a military order.

Later in the castles history the true military orders were in possession including at various times the Hospitillars, Templars and the Spanish Order of Calatrava. The outer curtain wall is of the 13th century adding further strength to the castle and now enclosing the unusual and remarkable detached 11th century Romanesque watchtower.

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