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Malaga Castle walls

The fortified complex that makes up Malaga Castle includes the Gibralfaro military fortification on the steep hill overlooking the town and the palace-fortress or Alcazaba at the foot of the hill. Connecting the two is the remarkable ‘coracha’ or fortified corridor which enabled safe and discreet passage between the two.

Malaga castle is Islamic in origin and remained one of the last outposts of the Kingdom of Granada, only falling to Christian forces in 1487. The Alcazaba of Malaga became a luxurious palace in the 14th century rivalling the Alhambra in its gardens and patios.

Although much restored particularly in the 1930’s there is still much original details to be seen and range in date from the 11th century onwards. Even after the Muslim expulsion from Spain in the late 15th century Malaga Gibralfaro continued to have a military role right up to the early 19th century Peninsula Wars and later.


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