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photo miravet and river

Miravet Castle stands above the River Ebro in Cataluna that once formed the frontier of Al- Andalus. There are still substantial remains in the present structure of the Moorish castle of the 11th and 12th centuries and below the walls, on terraces between the river and the castle, are the remains of the Islamic village that the castle protected and governed.

However, it is the rebuilt and transformed Templar fortress that impresses the visitor today. The castle and lands were given to the Knights Templar on the defeat of the Muslims in this area in the 1150’s and during the second part of the 12th century the Moorish castle was rebuilt into what is now one of the finest Templar fortress-monasteries in the whole of Spain.

The church, knights refectory, kitchens, granary, storerooms and water retaining cisterns as well as the defensive walls and towers are all in a fine state of preservation.

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