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Niebla Castle

The castle and walled town of Niebla was an Islamic Alcazaba founded on an earlier Roman site by the Rio Tinto, northeast of Huelva in Andalusia. The fortified town and castle still preserves much of the Islamic structure including several horseshoe doorways and right-angle entrances of mid-Islamic date, tapial walls and many flanking towers. The original mosque has been converted into the church of Santa Maria de la Granada after the reconquest but the minaret survives as the bell-tower.

The inner castle today is based on the Muslim fortress but has been largely rebuilt after Christian occupation of 1262 including a small keep and remodelled interior. Now known as Guzman’s castle after the family who had a long connection with this site from the 13th century. Many additions to the inner castle have been made since then and include stables, kitchens, parade grounds and barbican.

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