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Sotomayor castle is situated in the northwestern corner of Spain in Galicia. The castle we see today dates mostly from the 14th and especially the 15th century although there are some masonry remains dating from the original castle of the 12th century incorporated within the later structure.

Sotomayor castle is a good example of the seat of a major noble family, of which Galicia had many, that was developed into a rural palace of some magnificence. The military appearance of the castle would have had some serious intent at the early period as there was much skirmishing and conflict amongst the rival families in the area. The great tower or keep is the oldest part of the castle and retains many interesting features.

Later remodelling, especially in the 19th century, has added many decorative elements to the castle although retaining much of the military appearance of what was then the summer residence of the Marquis de Armijo.

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