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Trujillo Castle

Trujillo castle in Extremadura sits on a hill above the town, the older parts of which were once surrounded by defensive walls. Built on the site of a Roman castrum, Trujillo castle has its origins as an Islamic Alcazaba and the square plan core of the castle with square corner towers is of Muslim construction. The horseshoe doorways and large underground water cisterns are also of Islamic origin. Much reused Roman stone has been incorporated into the Islamic castle.

Trujillo is a military structure with no high status accommodation, and is of early medieval foundation – probably 9th or 10th century.

The detached defensive towers or albarrana towers are of great interest. Structurally they resemble the albarrana towers at Merida so are likely to be of Muslim construction. However as the castle was taken by the Christians in 1232 at which time the castle underwent a significant rebuilding programme, it is possible that the albarrana towers, were added at or after this time.

The dating of the features at Trujillo is complex and the site, being on a strategic communication route was alternating from Muslim to Christian and back again for a considerable period during the reconquest until the 13th century when the Muslims were finally pushed back from this area of Spain.

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