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Not within the large Spanish city of Valencia on the eastern side of the country, Valencia de Don Juan is the castle associated with a small town of that name just south of Leon in the north west of Spain. The (recently restored) large square keep and the very high inner curtain, all bristling with slender circular towers, closely spaced, give the castle an impressive aspect.

What we see today is largely the work of the 15th century built by the locally powerful Acuna family. Their coats of arms and those of Castile and Portugal adorn the facade. Provided with an outer ditch and low outer curtain, the castle presents a formidable defence whilst at the same time the exaggerated perspectives of the architecture hint at the emerging renaissance palace buildings of the region.

The raised defensive position, high above the river Esla, is real enough though. The castle as seen replaced a 13th century one and before that was an Islamic fortification, the remains of some tapial curtain walls from this earlier structure can be examined. The site and the associated settlement were once of major significance not only locally but to the history of Spain.

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