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Zalia general view

Zalia castle is an abandoned Islamic village some 30Km north of Velez-Malaga. It was situated on the main route between Velez and Granada and would have been a settlement of some importance. The remains we see today are both evocative of an undisturbed medieval landscape and also show some very interesting construction techniques.

In particular the combined use of stone for the walls and tapial or rammed earth for the upper section and crenelations is unusual. The double enclosure of roughly concentric walls contains a series of terraces where buildings would have once stood. An outer area contained within the plateau to the south would have been the village or Medina.

There is much to see and learn here. For more information about Zalia see the detailed castle page here.


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Photos on this page: Zalia castle. Gateway to the inner enclosure looking over the terraced outer enclosure.